The Best Intentions

I finally decided to retire my old (and much neglected) Tumblr blog. I wanted something that was easy to update and customise, but that didn’t add another software stack I need to keep updated to my list of chores and kept security concerns to a minimum. A managed solution was an option, but a secondary goal was ownership over the stack and the content itself.

I’ve been keen on the concept of static site generators for a while, so I’ve decided to try out Hugo and the pretty excellent (IMHO) Academic theme hosted on AWS Amplify. The whole stack makes updating this mirror my usual programming workflow – which appeals.

It ticks all the above boxes. There is no administration area, and pages are only regenerated when I make changes, so the number of vulnerable points is limited. As long as my general hosting is secure, I don’t need to worry too much. There is no database to corrupt, and more importantly no “runtime engine” to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches (at least that directly relate to this particular site).

If something does go wrong, I have local backups and can just redeploy elsewhere with no server configuration to migrate. The content is subject to the (usually quite broad) terms in place for a standard file hosting provider. And if anything does run afoul of that, I can just move it elsewhere with no hassle.

It’s all pretty light-touch. Each part works independently (Content Generation, Hosting, DNS, Deployment, etc), so it’s painfully simple to switch out any of those for something better suited. All told, I’m pretty happy with it, at least conceptually.

Hopefully this gets more love and attention from me content-wise than past efforts. Time will tell. The goal for this site is to showcase what I’ve been up to over the years, give me a place to talk about my personal projects, write about topics that interest me, and highlight things (games, TV, movies) I’m enjoying.

It’s essentially a “catch-all” for the things that fall outside of Twitter-scope (in size and retention) and somewhere to consolidate my online presence. I can be a bit of a workaholic, so I’m trying to get better at having hobbies I engage with more frequently.

I’m thinking personal game development and hobby project updates primarily, but whatever takes my fancy. In any case, it’s bound to stay more relevant and up to date than my Tumblr ever was, as it at least has utility outside of random posts.

Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on Twitter for updates.