New Job, New Updates

So this blog has been quiet for a while. What with 2020/21 in general, an unexpected redundancy notice, and a job hunt; I didn’t have a lot of time (or desire) to post here. But now that I’ve settled into a new routine, and life in general has calmed down, I’m in a better mental space.

In January I started at CCP Games London as their Lead Core Tech Engineer. I can’t talk about what we’re doing yet, but my job basically involves building tools and tech for the company. I’m really enjoying it so far. Fantastic team, cool tech, can’t complain.

I also got approval from work to do my own projects (yay!), so I am ramping that up again. I’m re-working infrastructure at the moment – which I’ll document in another post.

I’m trying to get better at time slicing things I want to do, so this site should see more love going forward. Still want to do some livestreaming too, but may ease into that with some private streams first.