Does This Thing Still Work?

A shot from Iceland showing a boat and mountain range

Hello. It’s been a while. Gosh, where to begin? Here’s a quick recap of the last year.

In September of 2021 I got to travel to Iceland for a CCP Games event. It was amazing. I’ll post some videos from the experience. It was mostly work stuff, but there was a decent amount of team building included, so I got to fire some guns and take an offroad buggy safari as well.

The lease on my house was up in January 2022, so I had started thinking about all the packing I still needed to do around this time, and the logistics of the move itself. Super unproductive and wasn’t ultimately very useful, but did mean it loaded itself resident in my brain at the expense of more important things. What I did do was start looking for a place to live, and found absolutely nothing.

Work was beginning to “wind down” for the year, which really meant work was ramping up heavily to make sure things were in a good place for Christmas Break. That brings us to December 2021, where we had an amazing Christmas Party which concluded with a much needed break heading into 2022, and an impending move that I still hadn’t prepared for.

Finding a suitable new place didn’t occur until about a week before we were scheduled to move out, and it’s around then packing started in earnest (roughly 2 months too late given the amount of crap I’d accumulated in the 4 years I was there). What followed is probably no surprise, but no less harrowing. High-speed packing, no sleep, etc. Honestly I’d rather skip that in all possible futures.

The new place didn’t even align with the end of the old place, so we spent a week in a hotel working whilst sorting out the final details for move-in (signing things, keys, utilities, internet). Once the everything got moved in, we realised there had been a slight miscalculation of scale. More rooms does not equal more floor space. So it took months to unpack and re-sort “all the things” so the house was actually usable.

Anyway, that’s all mostly sorted and behind us now (well, out of mind in any case).

Back in November, Epic Games reached out to me about a role. I wasn’t looking, and historically I would have declined the interview. I’d only been with CCP Games for less than a year and wasn’t planning on going anywhere. But I’d found that only interviewing once every 3-5 years was causing me difficulties when I actually needed/wanted to find a new job. So I thought “what the hell, why not? It’ll be good practice”. I wasn’t sure the role was right for me, and I was totally in love with my current job.

That started 3 months of conversations and interviews (due to various holidays, and moving) where we liked each other and they found a different (and fantastic) role for me within the company. What followed was an offer I literally couldn’t refuse. The contract came through on my Birthday, and I sat on it for a day before giving notice. It wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have on my Birthday.

I started at Epic Games in May working on Fortnite Creative. I’m three months in and it still feels a little surreal. I’ve been a fan since the early Epic MegaGames days. I’ve still got all the usual “new job” feelings, made worse by this being my first job at a company the size of Epic! 😅 In spite of all that, I’m absolutely loving it. I finally feel like I’m starting to get my bearings.

This change has meant that my personal game development is now on-hold. I might be able to do some hobby Unreal Engine development, maybe an occasional gamejam, but you can definitely expect more updates of actual [non-gamedev] hobby stuff. I’ve got some maker projects lined up, and a backlog of kits to put together.