Iceland 2021

CCP Games Employees Gathering in Iceland 2021

CCP Games had an employee event in Iceland at the end of 2021 and I was privileged enough to be allowed to attend. I had a lot of fun, and got to do some extracurricular activities while I was there, including shooting a gun for the first time.

Activity number one was Clay Pigeon shooting. The video comes complete with commentary from a CCP colleague. Surprisingly I even managed to hit a few. Being right-handed with bad vision in my right eye meant I was looking down the barrel wrong to start with (had both eyes open), and later when I mentioned my eye to the instructor, we tried firing left-handed, which was just awkward (though did still manage to hit something with that stance).

Next up was an Offroad Buggy Safari. We were driving in pairs but I stayed in the passengers seat for the entire trip. I was feeling pretty tired by this point in the day, and just felt like taking in the scenery.